tisdag 20 december 2016

Book reviews for The Truth - Sanat Kumara

Book reviews:

Ann Christin Oscarsson:
An easy-to-read book for adults that explains what we call the paranormal in a simple way, but in reality is totally natural even if much is invisible for our physical eyes. We need to understand that, as we think we shall experience. To feel compassion and love to ourselves and to our environment and to have positive thoughts gives us a happy life.

Wenche Molthon: The Truth is a wonderful book that I immediately resonated with. The Truth gave me new insights about things that I was unaware of and it strengthened my faith. A book that gave me new energy for the road ahead. The Truth - for me was to find information that I was missing and been unaware of. I have read the book more than one time, and I strongly recommend it to everybody to take part of. The Truth is an important book with a message to the people.

Astrid Ingalill Granbacka: Yes, I can only resonate, The Truth is a fantastic and educative book in all ways. It is now borrowed to a lovely friend, but I yearn to read it once again, and I will probably read it more than two times. The Truth have so much to give and to help the people on mother Earth, a lot to receive, answers that i have been longing for I have now gotten answered. When you start to read, it is very hard to put it away because everything is so incredibly interesting and exciting. It gives us important and true messages about what is now happening and  will happen in the world! Thank you Lizzie and the spiritual world for this true and fantastic book!

Lillemor Ström: The Truth goes straight to the heart. This book is not quiet about telling us about the current state that the world is in, and what is waiting for us in the future. Furthermore it have helped me to see situations from a different perspective... I understand and can handle situations more calmly because I know there is a reason for everything. Read the book...
It will follow you for the rest of your life... And that is the truth...

Anna-Lena Svensson: I have read many spiritual books but unfortunately most of them only describes the experiences and emotional states of the individual, but with the book The Truth I finally got the answers to my questions, for example: Is there a place for the soul after we die?... is reincarnation real?... I have now gotten answers to the important things in life and even more. The book gives hope about the future and allows us to let go of our worries that one might have within, when I feel down I can pick up the book and read a few pages and become more positive again.

Dennis Kihlberg: This book have helped me to realize more and have widened my view about our world, it has given me hope about a better world in the future where humanity have found its natural state of living, and lives in harmony with the planet and the nature, with each other and with the animals instead of destroying it totally, as it seems that we are doing now. The book have made it easier for me to observe evil without being depressed. This book must reach all the people who can see and feel the truth when they hear it and read it, the others can say whatever they want. I really hope that this book reach out to all, but I believe that the truth can be too much for some people to accept, about teleportation and two suns... it can sound too crazy. But even if you do not believe, you should still read the book and keep the information inside of you, so when you finally see the signs and see the things happen as the book describes, then you can realize that the book is true and you can start to follow the thread that unlocks more and more truths for you. But yes, I believe this book is the truth, or I know for sure that some parts of the book is real as I have proven it for my self because one truth have lead to the next.

Kina Nordgren: Immediately I was hooked! All of a sudden I got answers to many of my questions. I can now from a new perspective and a new understanding realize more of all the things that is happening in the world. I have not read any other book that gave me the truth in this way. Everybody should read this book because you can feel it is real.

Paula Teileri: The Truth by Sanat Kumara tells us about life and why we exist here. It tells about the future of the universe and that we create our own reality and future. We get to know how to raise
our frequency to be able to evolve with Earth when it becomes a spiritual planet. In this book humanity get to know how it will turn out, and how it affect us and that every person decide for them self with their free will where you end up in future incarnations. It feels safe to know all of this! I like this book and I studying the content daily.

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